About The Post

foundedVeterans returning from World War II applied for the G.I. Joe Charter in 1946. The name G.I. Joe was chosen because it depicted the typical ‘Government Issue Joe’ portrayed by Bill Mauldin in popular cartoons. Constructed by Legionaires, the Post was dedicated in 1949. The original building had a dirt floor, woodstove and outhouse. It’s membership remained steady but small until the 60’s, when Jeffersontown started to grow.

The 90’s saw our membership grow, with the inclusion of Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans. Moreover, our Auxiliary and Sons of the American Legion became functioning arms of the Post. In 1991, we became active in the Gaslight Festival, enabling active participation and contributions to community projects. In late 1994, we were honored by the State Department of the American Legion for our service to veterans, community involvement and recruiting.

Today our Post hosts multiple events yearly in the Jeffersontown Veterans Memorial Park, and conducts the largest Flag Retirement Ceremony in the United States.


Today we are a post very active in promoting the Four Pillars of the American Legion.

(1) We have a strong Service Officer program to support veterans access to the VA care system. We support veterans who are not even members of our Post.

(2) We support the stance of a strong National Defense and an active Homeland Security Force.

(3) We promote Americanism by convening two major programs: (a) An Annual Memorial Day Program which is attended by approximately 400 people; (b) An Annual Veterans Day Program which has an attendance rivaling our Memorial Day Program. In addition to these events we are active in the Annual Gas-Lite Parade in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, we present community programs on “The Pledge Allegiance ” and proper display of the U.S.A. Flag, we give talks on the history of the U. S. Flag at local schools and we support the Annual Veterans Parade in Louisville, Kentucky.

(4) We support children and youth by assisting Boy Scout programs, offering financial support to local school sports teams and we strongly support our local High School ROTC programs.


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